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What was your past life? How to live a healthy lifestyle. Living healthier is a personal choice, but everyone has a role to play. Individuals, families, communities, governments and other organizations can work together to create environments and conditions that support healthy living. Some examples include creating smoke-free public spaces, making nutritious foods easily accessible or developing communities and buildings that promote physical activity.


Positive Thinking Change your life

Our emotional world has a remarkable power to determine not only our mental health, but also how our physical well-being. "Positive characteristics, such as optimism, vitality, meaning, and subjective...

11 Genius Uses for Lemons in the House

When god gives you lemons... clean your sink! We're not sure why clunker cars or disappointing appliances are called "lemons." From where we're sitting, these cheery citrus fruits are one of your home's...

National Prevention Week 2015

SAMHSA’s National Prevention Week 2015 is May 17-23, 2015. This year’s theme is “The Voice of One, the Power of All.” SAMHSA asked people two questions: “What does prevention mean to you?” “Why...

This Is Your Body On A Lack Of Sleep

  A good night’s sleep isn't just about hitting the ground running or staying alert in your morning meeting. If you skip the restorative 7 to 9 hours experts advise, you can increase your risks...


Digestive, skin, bladder and kidney problems, fatigue and headache are just some of the adverse effects from not drinking enough water. We need it as much as air we breathe in! It’s not a joke. Did you...
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Smart Tips From a Home Fragrance Expert

Why bother scenting our homes, anyway? Fragrance is an accessory. It adds depth and character. And it allows you to give each space in your home a different feel. How did you get started in this...
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7 Things help you in a Health living

If one of your resolutions for the new year is to live greener, more healthily, and more in line with your values, these products will blow your mind. Gadget Help us in a Health living. Products...

Pay Attention To Protein

Last month’s article focused on eating a balanced diet for your general population. Let’s dive into the topic of nutrition recommended for those of you who are athletes. Weekend warriors,...