Expression defined in the Terms and Conditions shall (unless otherwise specifically defined or refined herein or the context requires) have the same meanings when used in this Personal Information Collection Statement.

Privacy Policy
The Company maintains a strict confidentiality policy on all personal data submitted by you via the Sites and the Company will not release such information to anyone without your prior consent.

Purpose For Collection Of Personal Data
Collection of personal data from you shall be for purposes relating to the provision of services offered by the Company and marketing services and special events of the Company and its affiliates.
In the event that you, as an advertiser, select to register as a “ Trusted Service Partner", you are required to: (1) if you are an individual, submit a copy of your identification document / passport or present in person the original of your identification document / passport at the offices of the Company; or (2) if you are an organization or a company, submit a copy of your business registration document to the Company; for verification purposes. Copies of the identification document / passport or business registration document collected will be (1) treated as confidential documents by the Company; and (2) promptly and properly destroyed after the related information is verified.
While placing your advertisements on the Sites, you irrevocably and unconditionally give the Company permission to provide your email address to any potential purchasers in order that they may interact with you electronically.

Transfer Of Data
Personal data collected via the Sites may be stored and processed in any country in which the Company or its affiliates operate, and by using the Sites, you consent to any transfer of information outside of your country. You consent that the personal data submitted by you may be transmitted, disclosed to and/or forwarded by anyone who visit the Sites/register as users. In any event, the Company agrees not to (1) display your identification document / passport number (as the case may be) and your name together publicly; or (2) make them visible together to anyone who does not need to carry out activities related to the purposes of collecting the identification document / passport as stated herein.

You are entitled to make a data access or correction request concerning your own personal data kept with the Company. You are also entitled to access to your own personal data (subject to prior confirmation of identity) kept with the Company and may edit or amend such personal data at any time except that the identification document / passport card number or passport number or business registration document number cannot be amended unless such data is proved to be inaccurate.

Retention of Personal Details
Subject to legal requirements and your refusal, your personal data will be retained by the Company until you formally request the Company to erase the related data from the database of the Company. You may however delete your personal data at any time through your access to your own data via the Websites. For any query, please contact us at