Green Living in Hong Kong

Saving Energy The energy that we use in our homes pollutes the environment and reduces the availability of energy in the future. Luckily, changing this situation is not difficult. Learn about why you...
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6 Ways to DIY your own Easter Egg

Try these easy DIYs for festive, pretty eggs with zero trips to the craft store. Crafts developed by Morgan Levine Dots 1. Collect magazines and newspapers, and use a hole punch to create...

Positive Thinking Change your life

Our emotional world has a remarkable power to determine not only our mental health, but also how our physical well-being. "Positive characteristics, such as optimism, vitality, meaning, and subjective...

11 Genius Uses for Lemons in the House

When god gives you lemons... clean your sink! We're not sure why clunker cars or disappointing appliances are called "lemons." From where we're sitting, these cheery citrus fruits are one of your home's...